Perkin Handmade Damascus Steel Knife Review

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There are countless knives of all kinds, including bushcraft knives, that look the same, and have nothing that distinguishes them from any other knife. That is definitely not something you can say about this diminutive Perkins bushcraft knife.

Perkin Handmade Damascus Steel Knife

We’ll say from the outset that this is a very small knife, but for many, that will be one of its most desirable qualities. Not everyone wants to carry around something akin to a machete, and therefore this is undoubtedly targeted towards those who like to ‘travel light’ even if that journey does take you through thick bush and rugged terrain.

This bushcraft knife was first sold in mid-2017, and its styling is one of the most eye-catching of any bushcraft knife available. The knife’s dimensions are 7 inches in length with the blade measuring 3 inches

Who is this product for?

Being so small, this Perkins bushcraft knife can be carried easily and therefore, there really is no limit on where it can be used. The most likely users will be those for whom bushcraft is a major pastime, and who want a strong knife for the likes of stripping wood for fires.

Enthusiasts of other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing will all find this a useful knife for the likes of carving tent stakes, gutting fish, or even skinning game which has been bagged for that night’s dinner.

What’s included?

There are lots of products which come with a ton of extras and accessories, but sadly bushcraft knives tend not to be one of them. This Perkins knife comes with a very tough and durable leather sheath to protect the blade. The sheath has a  thin leather rope which can either be used to tie on the sheath or as a lanyard which can be threaded through the lanyard hole on the handle.

Overview of features

The handle on this Perkins bushcraft knife is a two-piece design, which means it is secured to the blade using three Allen screws. This makes it possible to change the handle should the original ever get damaged. The grip provided by the handle is excellent due to the texturing on the linen Micarta® material the handle is made from.

Durable, and dependable Damascus steel is the material used for the knife’s blade and this ensures that whenever the knife is in action, it will be up to the task. The blade is full tang which adds to the knife’s strength and provides for greater balance when you are holding it.

Accompanying the knife is a tough leather sheath which helps keep the blade protected when not in use, and also provides you with a safe way of carrying the knife.

How to use it?

The many ways in which a knife can be used is vast, and to try to explain all of them would more likely require writing a book, rather than one paragraph, so we’ll stick to the absolute basics. The use of a bushcraft knife is predicated on having a very secure grip on the handle, due to the tough jobs, such as carving wood, that it is often used for.

With this being the case, you want to ensure that your hand is free of any moisture that might cause the knife to slip. You may even want to wear a glove, although bear in mind the small size of this knife, including the handle. Always cut or slice away from you in case the knife slips, as the last thing you want is the blade suddenly coming towards you at a rate of knots.

Finally, you want to maintain your knife by drying off any moisture after use and inspect it just in case it has any damage. You’ll be able to tell when the blade needs sharpening when it becomes harder to cut through anything.


  • Blade is very sharp
  • Genuine leather handle
  • Comes with a durable leather sheath


  • Handle is a bit short


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We are going to assume that you are looking at this Perkins bushcraft knife because you would prefer a smaller knife, so with that in mind here is a great alternative. The Esee Knives 3P Fixed Blade Knife might be small in size and indeed weight, but it can more than hold its own when being used for bushcraft and other outdoor tasks.

It has a high carbon steel blade, a handle with excellent grip, and it weighs only 5 ounces. It also has multiple carrying options with either a simple lanyard or more impressively, a multi-option sheath.


We absolutely love this bushcraft knife because it almost has a character all of its own. Small it may be, but in many walks of life, small things often prove to be toughest, and this knife is certainly tough enough for any job you use it for when bushcrafting.


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